Outer Change Starts with Inner Strength! 

Products that empower kids to know themselves, love themselves and do good in the world.  


Activities and Crafts to INSPIRE

Conversations to CONNECT


Our Subscription Box is getting a makeover and will return more inspiring and impactful in fall 2018! Single boxes and products are still available for purchase. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on our new box launch.

How It Works

1. Select an individual box to inspire your children.

2. A box will arrive at your door that contains a book for learning, a fun craft to make, and inspiring ways to make a difference.

3. Spend quality time with your children inspiring them to look within and positively impact the world.  

Inside A Box

Each Wonder Crate:

Introduces kids to brave, forward-thinking and inspirational role models; to inspire what is possible within their own lives. 

Encourages kids to build a strong internal compass for navigating their inner world, and uncovering their true sense of purpose.

Provides opportunities for kids to test and develop their skills of innovation, activism and leadership at a young age in a fun and engaging way. 

Comes with a book to EDUCATE, fun crafts and activities to INSPIRE, and conversation cards to CONNECT.


What People Say About Wonder Crate

 The Wonder Crate is probably one of the coolest concepts for a children's box we've ever seen. There's never any shortage of craft boxes and children's clothes subscriptions but social skills (which are so important) seem to go unnoticed. Read more...

-Not A Tree Reviews

 As a parent, I loved the “boosting confidence” guide. It had all sorts of pointers about how to connect the activities to the theme, including information about what to tell your kid about standing up for themselves, or even simple everyday activities that can boost confidence. Read more...

-Wee Westchester

I loved that there were activities and a book that we can revisit again. It's not just a one time use box. The tactile materials were also a huge hit-my boys have carried around the puzzle ball all day! Read more..

-Love Peace Beauty

Nominated Best Box For Families, and Best Box For Kids 12 and Under, by Subscription Addiction.