Life Skills Delivered To Your Door! 

A toolkit to build social and emotional skills for kids ages 5-8.

Raise emotionally intelligent kids that thrive.

Activities and Crafts That Educate, Entertain and Inspire   

Developed By Educators and Moms 

Manage Emotions, Improve Social Skills And Build Confidence  

Time Well-Spent With Your Children  

How It Works

1. Select a box based on the individual needs of your children, or subscribe to get a box for a new skill each month. 

2. A toolkit will arrive at your door that contains a book for learning, a fun craft and everyday activities for practice.

3. Spend quality time with your children teaching them skills to thrive today and throughout their lives. 

Inside A Box

Craft and learning materials designed to help your child learn about social and emotional skill building.  Each box we sell focuses on a different life skill that is essential to life long happiness and success. Choose the box that is right for your child based on his or her individual needs (or order a subscription and receive a new box each month).

- Your Child Prone To Worry or Anxiety? Try the Mindfulness Box. 

- Your Child Need Help Recognizing the Feelings of Others? Try the Empathy Box.

- Your Child Hesitant To Stand Up For Him/Herself? Try the Confidence Box

Includes a book to teach the skill, fun and educational crafts to practice the skill, and family bonding activities to reinforce learning.


What People Say About Wonder Crate

 The Wonder Crate is probably one of the coolest concepts for a children's box we've ever seen. There's never any shortage of craft boxes and children's clothes subscriptions but social skills (which are so important) seem to go unnoticed. Read more...

-Not A Tree Reviews

 As a parent, I loved the “boosting confidence” guide. It had all sorts of pointers about how to connect the activities to the theme, including information about what to tell your kid about standing up for themselves, or even simple everyday activities that can boost confidence. Read more...

-Wee Westchester

I loved that there were activities and a book that we can revisit again. It's not just a one time use box. The tactile materials were also a huge hit-my boys have carried around the puzzle ball all day! Read more..

-Love Peace Beauty

Nominated Best Box For Families, and Best Box For Kids 12 and Under, by Subscription Addiction.