7 Children’s Books To Build Confidence

Helping our children build confidence is a tricky thing. It’s not something we can teach, in the same way we teach our kids to ride a bike or tie their shoes. It’s something that each person needs to find for themselves, and it’s not something that happens all at once. It builds over time as we learn to trust ourselves and our abilities.

So, as parents, how do we help our kids build confidence? I believe the first step is to let them know that we have confidence in them. Beyond that, we can point them to resources to help them learn how to find their “confidence muscle” and start making it stronger.

These books will help your kids see confidence in action, and will help them find ways to build confidence in their own lives. Pair these books with this month’s Wonder Crate, and you’ve got an amazing, interactive lesson on believing in yourself that will stay with your child for years to come!

7 Children’s Books About Confidence

Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal – Girls face some unique challenges as they try to navigate confidence and who they are, and this book is made just for them. It’s the perfect love letter for the little girl in your life, and reminds her that she’s strong, smart, brave, and worthy of love.

What Do You Do with a Problem? By Kobi Yamada – A little child has a problem. The more he tries to ignore his problem, the larger his problem seems to get. Finally, he summons his courage and faces his problem, and when he does so, he’s surprised to find his problem is actually an opportunity.

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat – We all know what happened to Humpty Dumpty…but what became of him after the fall? This book tells of how that one fall kept him from pursuing the things he loved, and how he found the courage and confidence to get back up again.

Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty – Iggy Peck loves to build. He’ll build with anything – even food or dirty diapers. His parents encourage his creativity, but his teacher doesn’t. She hates architecture, and forbids building at school. However, Iggy gets an opportunity to call on his confidence and he lets his true talents shine.

We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio – Inspired by her hit novel, this picture book by Palacio encourages kids to find the wonder inside of them. We all have something that makes us special, and this book empowers readers to find it and bring it to the surface.

Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino — Morris is a normal little boy with a big imagination. He likes pancakes, painting, and puzzles. He also likes wearing the tangerine dress at his school’s dress up station. The other kids at school make fun of Morris, but in time they learn that wearing the dress is just one part of who Morris is, and that what we wear doesn’t define who we are or what we can do.

Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall – Red’s label says he is a red crayon, but Red isn’t red; he’s blue. The more he tries to be red, the more miserable he becomes. With the help of another crayon, Red finally realizes what he’s always known: no matter how others try to label him, he’s a blue crayon! This sweet story teaches a powerful lesson about staying true to yourself no matter what.

If you enjoyed this list, I’d love to have you check out Fundamental Children’s Books, a website I’ve created to help parents find great books to read with their kids. Books are one of the most powerful parenting tools we have, and they can help us raise mindful kids who will change the world for the better!

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