Kids Making a Difference: Kedar Narayann, Founder of Heart for Wildlife

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Kedar is a 10 year old from Pennsylvania that loves pollinators. Bees are his favorite pollinator, and he’s worried about them. There aren’t enough gardens with plants that help pollinators thrive so Kedar came up with a solution. When he was just 8 years old he created an app called Pollinator for a Pet that helps people to create pollinator friendly gardens. It has information on food, water, shelter, and safety for pollinators. Kedar and his app won first place in the Paradigm Challenge in 2017. Kedar started coding with Scratch when he was just 5 years old and has appeared on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots, given a Ted Talk and founded his own company, Heart for Wildlife, all before the age of 10.

We are thrilled to have Kedar as our Wonder Crate Kid of the Month for February and ask him a few questions about making an impact.

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What positive impact do you hope to have in the world?

When I grow up I want to find a cure for Cancer. Right now, I want to save the pollinators who are dying because of poor gardening practices.

How are you doing it?

I started a business called Heart for Wildlife to educate people about pollinator gardens, while at the same time selling gorgeous environmentally friendly products.

What skills have you used along the way?

I am curious and persistent with a project that I really care about, even when it is very challenging. I use my creativity and let my brain go wild when I am stuck on a problem. I am empathetic and get motivated by projects that help the world.
Learn more about Kedar, watch his Ted Talk and discover how you can make a difference at Wonder Crate. A portion of sales from our February box, Curious Minds to Build a Better Tomorrow: Bill Gates and You! will support the National Wildlife Foundation’s effort to protect pollinators.
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