Kids Making a Difference: Liv Van Ledtje, Founder of LivBits

Liv is an 11 year old that loves sharks and hopes someday to be an ichthyologist. She is a lover of books, ballet and an advocate for digital citizenship and student voice on social media. She uses Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter to share her passions through positive social media posts. She is also an ambassador for the Gills Club, an organization promoting girls in science through inquiry-based experiences meant to grow enthusiasm and activism for sharks and ocean life. Her work on LivBits has been featured all over the world, including conferences in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, and England.

We are thrilled to have Liv as our Wonder Crate Kid of the Month for March and ask her a few questions about making an impact.


What positive impact to do you hope to have on the world?
I’m a reader, thinker, and kid voice believer and I hope the work I do on LivBits will show how powerful kids can be when they are given opportunities to follow their passions. I think everyone has an important story to share with the world, and I hope my work on LivBits helps kids see the power of their story. One of my passions is shark conservation, and I know I can amplify my shark girl message by my work on LivBits. My biggest desire is to show the world that #KidsCanTeachUs.

How are you doing it?
Each week I make short videos for kids and teachers that are a little bit of me, Liv, and a little Bit of my thinking, Bits — put that altogether and you have LivBits! My work on LivBits has been featured internationally as a model for digital citizenship and kid
creation. I’m a seasoned international keynote speaker, and I have my own podcast, The KidLit Show on the Pinna Audio app. Soon, LivBits will be recognized as a 501c non-profit, and I will be able to help more kids follow their passions.

What special skills have you used along the way?
Persistent — LivBits is all about believing in the power of your story and dreaming BIG! I love the work I do for LivBits, but someday I will be an ichthyologist working to save sharks and help the world have cleaner oceans.
Creative — My videos aren’t fancy, but I love to be creative with my messages. I think kids listen more when they hear messages coming from other kids, and having a creative way to share messages with the world is what LivBits is all about!
Curious — I think kids are naturally curious about the world, and I’d say that my work on LivBits helped me find my place in the world. I’m more curious than ever now that I can see the impact my message has globally.
Optimistic — Realizing that not every kid has access to books or tech drives me to do more to help them get what they need. I have a dream to grow my LivBits work even bigger, and to show kids how sharing your passions can impact the world in incredibly
powerful ways.

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