Kids Making a Difference: Alex Hart-Upendo, Founder of Build-A-Bow


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Alex Hart-Upendo is no stranger to fashion or business. At 12 years old, the Racine resident has got a keen sense for both.  “I was bullied in school and called a ‘nerd’ and ‘dork’ and that made me think of a how a nerd is pictured wearing glasses and a bow tie. I saw that sewing was actually pretty cool and I started my company making bow ties. Bow ties were like my superpower.” Build-A-Bow took off, and so did his confidence.

In addition to starting the company, he wrote a book to address bullying entitled “Bullies, Bowties, and Brilliant Alex.” The book brings awareness to bullying, encourages entrepreneurship and teaches others to be kind.

We are thrilled to have Alex as our Wonder Crate Kid of the Month for June and ask him a few questions about making an impact.

Alex Build a Bow

What positive impact do you hope to have in the world? 

I hope to inspire people to be themselves and create positive change in their communities by being leaders and spreading love.

How are you doing it? 

By volunteering my time with teaching entrepreneurship, raising awareness about bullying and autism through my bullying initiative and spreading love and positivity everywhere I go.

What skills have you used along the way?

Creativity: I used art as an outlet from bullying and a way to bring joy to others through my custom created bowties.

Social Responsibility: I wanted to make sure that other kids worldwide were being heard and not bullied for being different.

Persistent: I refused to give up on my dreams even when I faced obstacles. I know that people are looking up to me.

Learn more about Alex, watch his video and discover how you can find your amazing at Wonder Crate. A portion of sales from our June box featuring Milton Hershey will support Alex’s mission to end bullying. Read about Milton Hershey and the optimism that he needed to create a chocolate empire and then practice making your own chocolate creations.



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