Kids Making a Difference: Brandon and Sebastian, Founders of Are You Kidding Socks

Are You Kidding

Brandon and Sebastian are 2 amazing young boys that have not only been living their passion of designing and selling their own line of kids and adult socks but they are making a difference at the same time.  Sebastian, 11 years old, is the C.E.O. and designer for Are You Kidding®. Brandon, 13 years old, is the Director of Sales or as he calls himself the D.O.S. From day one the Martinez brothers wanted to share their love of wanting to stand out and look cool to the world one sock at a time. Their love for socks has allowed them to create a small business where they can share their fun designs with others as well as  also using their socks to help raise funds and awareness for local and national charities.  They have partnered with charities such as Autism Speaks, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics Florida, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, and The Live Like Bella Foundation to name a few.

We are thrilled to have the Martinez brothers as our Wonder Crate Kids of the Month for July and ask them a few questions about making an impact.

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1. What positive impact do you hope to have in the world?
We hope to inspire kids and adults to want to live out their dreams. We want to encourage others to not only do something for themselves and their family but also to help others.
2. How are you doing it?
We are doing this through our sock campaigns that help raise funds and awareness for so many amazing organizations. We’re able to create socks and partner up with organizations that need our help.
3. What skills have you used along the way? 
We have used many skills along the way that have helped show who we are as kids, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.
After looking at the list we have used:
Compassion – we have to be compassionate in order to be able to understand why it is so important to support the charities that we do. In may cases we are helping raise funds and awareness in order to finds cures for diseases.
Patience – in business if you do not have patience you will give up very quickly.
Persistence – we never give up, when one person tells us no we move on to the next. This is the only way to be successful at business. If is was easy everyone would be an entrepreneur.
Bravery– it is not easy going out in front of a crowd but we do. We share our stories and hope to inspire others.
Creativity –  we must be creative in order to create our socks.
Confidence – without confidence we would easily give up quickly. We know we can and we will!
Optimism– while we are still a small business and trying to grow we always know that hard work will pay off.
Learn more about the Martinez brothers, watch their video and discover how you can find your amazing at Wonder Crate. Read about Frida Kahlo and design your own socks to help pets in need in our July box. A portion of sales from our July box will go to Are You Kidding Cares to provide socks for the homeless.
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