Kids Making a Difference: Chloe Snyder, CEO of Give Back Bags


At just five-years-old, Chloe Snyder is the CEO and face of GIVE BACK BAGS, and has been called the “Youngest Philanthropist in the World!” Since Chloe took her first steps, she could not wait to participate in her family’s philanthropic charity events with Project Pop Drop and join the giving movement. Chloe continuously brings light, life, smiles and laughter to the people who need it most. When the people she helps see her tiny body unloading the food and supplies with such passion, she is truly the essence of hope and joy! Chloe’s main mission is to be a “GIVEfluencer and make a difference in the world every single day! 

We are thrilled to have Chloe as our Wonder Crate Kid of the Month for September and ask her a few questions about making an impact.



1. What positive impact do you hope to have in the world? 

When my Mommy explained to me about homelessness in America and why our family has made it our mission to solve the problem… I wanted to participate!  Since I was able to take my first steps I have had a strong desire to give back! My parents  created Project Pop Drop  but I am a big part of that philanthropy operation. I want to help make a difference in eradicating homelessness in America.
I also want to inspire the youth of America to give back by leading by example. I help my family organize school drives and collections. We have several partners within the LAUSD school districts and several businesses around the world giving back through our Project Pop Drop Program.   I am also launching Give back Bags to make a massive impact nationally. We did a soft launch at Kidzcon in Los Angeles. 


2. How are you doing it?

The way I am taking action is by being a GIVEfluencer not just an influencer every day. Everyday I pay it forward!  I join my family for monthly Pop Drop events with Project Pop Drop where my family and I help contribute to feeding over 9OK meals per month and help collect life saving supplies for people and families experiencing homelessness. We help other business owners, school and families all over the world do this work with our Project Pop Drop Program.
I am also the CEO of Give Back Bags.  They are the worlds most giving bags. The way I give back daily is by  spreading  my positive energy in the world each day via social media.  It’s called,  Chloe’s Daily Affirmations.  The goal is to encourage people to have daily positivity in their life.  My tagline is:  Hi! I’m your Five year old life coach!  My motto is a daily dose of happiness and a dash of inspiration daily! That’s my daily contribution to making my mission happen.
Learn more about Chloe, watch her video and discover how you can find your amazing at Wonder Crate.

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