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Inspiration Delivered

A subscription box that introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities.


Wondercrate is a subscription box that introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities.

What's Included In The Wonder Crate Subscription

Each monthly subscription box contains a book and activities to educate, inspire, and empower kids ages 7 – 11 to discover their strengths and share them with the world!

Books That Inspire

Tales of true heroism from the NY Times best selling “Who Is” book series to inspire children. 

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Activities to Empower

Fun activities to spark curiosity and connect children to their own possibilities.

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Three Series to EDUCATE

Innovators, activists and artists- choose one or learn about all three.

Choose Your Series


Introduce your child to brave role models that have been instrumental in political or social change.


Introduce your child to creative role models that have created works of art.


Introduce your child to innovative role models that have given us new ideas and inventions.

Why People Love Wonder Crate

Girl and boy reading and plyaing outside with books and toys from Wonder Crate Kids Subscription Box For Kids
Boy playing with lightsticks from Wonder Crate Kids Subscription Box For Kids
girl playing with malala toys from Wonder Crate Kids Subscription Box For Kids

Wonder Crate Kid of the Month

The same year she was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of seven, Grace Callwood founded her own nonprofit organization to create giving opportunities to bring happiness and hope to sick, homeless and foster children.

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🌈When you are walking down the street and get inspiration for a box. In 1884 Tesla arrived in New York with little more than the clothes on his back and a letter of introduction to famed inventor and business mogul Thomas Edison. Learn more about Tesla in our December box and discover your inner scientist ☝️#immigrantsmakeamericagreat



🌈 **New Box Alert** Read about Nikola Tesla and how he went from a curious kid who stayed up all night reading to one of the most brilliant and influential scientists of all time. Experiment with static electricity and discover how circuits work with your light-up Energy Ball. Get ready to be inspired! Perfect gift for that curious kid on your list. #nikolatesla #scienceforkids #giftsforkids #subscriptionboxforkids



🌈An inspiring morning doing some research for a future box. Can you guess who? Here are the 2 things that really struck me: 1. The passion that @robertirwinphotography has at 15 to protect wildlife and the environment. 2. That his favorite role model is RBG 😍 Got to watch a preview of their new show Crikey it’s the Irwins which is the perfect show to inspire any animal lover. Thank you @themomsnetwork for organizing this event! #crikeymoms #steveirwin #robertirwin #wildlifeconservation #positiverolemodel #ordinarypeoplechangetheworld



🌈In honor of World Kindness Day, our “Compassion in Action: the Dalai Lama and You!” box is available for individual sale in our store☝️Give the gift of compassion this holiday season 🎁 #worldkindnessday #kindnessday #thedalailama #giftstoinspire #giftsforkids



🌈Head on over to @wonderamatv to enter this giveaway inspired by mercury in retrograde. It is sure to be out of this world 🚀 Hurry, it ends tomorrow. #giveaway #sallyride #scienceforkids #inspirationalrolemodels



🌈**Single Box SALE**In honor of Mercury crossing in front of the sun, our Sally Ride box is only $25.95 (while supplies last). Order today ☝️I was lucky enough to view it this morning through a telescope..so cool!!! #sallyride #mercury #astronomyforkids #sciencegifts #femaleastronaut #sciencefun



🌈”When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Words of wisdom from the great Maya Angelou. What gifts can you share with the world? Only 1 week left to order your Maya Angelou box and discover how she went from not speaking to one of the greatest poets of all time. Subscribe today ☝️#mayaangelou #inspiringgifts #giftsforkids #booksforkids #positiverolemodel #strongwomen



🌈We have a Wonder Crate kid that needs your help! @sydneybeasbway is a second grader that brings positivity and kindness wherever she goes. She is starting a podcast to share her positivity and love of broadway with the world 😍 She needs more followers before she can launch. So please follow her @sydneybeasbway 👈 You definitely want to be along on this journey! #wondercratekid #findyouramazing



🌈Join Wonder Crate in support of @childfund by sponsoring a child in need. Make her feel like the world is full of wonder and possibilities. Change her world, and yours! Affiliate link in bio.☝️#childfund #makeadifference #sponsorachild #bethechange



🌈Check out our amazing new website thanks to the team @carrborocreative 😍Link in bio ☝️



🌈Meet our newest Wonder Crate kid, Grace Callwood. Grace founded @wecancerve a non-profit that creates ways for youth to help other children who are homeless, sick and in foster care. Learn how her diagnosis with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma started her on this journey. Check out her video and blog post on our website ☝️



🌈Whose rainbow can you be today? Read about Maya and the optimism it took to go from a traumatic childhood to a world famous poet in our November box. Subscribe today ☝️#inspirationdelivered #mayaangelou #strongrolemodels #bearainbow #giftsforkids