Kids Making a Difference: Khloe Thompson, Founder of Khloe Kares

Khloe founded Khloe Kares to help homeless women and has sewn and distributed more than 4,000 tote bags filled with toiletries and essentials. She began her work as an 8-year-old after passing the same homeless people on her walk to school each day. We are thrilled to have Khloe as our Wonder Crate Kid of […]

Kids Making a Difference: Robbie Bond, Founder of Kids Speak for Parks

Robbie is a 10 year old from Honolulu, HI that loves nature. Kids Speak for Parks is a non-profit that Robbie started when he was 9 years old. Kids Speak for Parks is dedicated to educating youth about the importance of national parks and monuments.  We are so excited to have Robbie as one of our […]

Kids Making a Difference: Isabella Rivera-Gandulla

Isabella Rivera-Gandulla is a ten year old from the central town of Caguas, Puerto Rico, and founder of Kids for Animals. Isabella’s passions are helping stray animals and children, playing chess, acting and playing soccer. She thinks that if you don’t live a life in which you help others and leave a positive mark, you are […]