5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Sons Express Emotions and Redefine Masculinity

The tragedy in Florida has the whole nation asking, “How we can prevent this from happening again?” Aside from the obvious conversation that needs to take place about regulating guns, there is another much more difficult, not as easy to solve, conversation about helping kids (and adults) feel like they have options outside of gun […]

How To Build Your Child’s Social Emotional Library

While in college, I remember my professor stressing the importance of building our “internal library.”  I was intrigued by this concept.  I loved the idea of walking around with a database of information and skills that could be drawn from whenever I needed it.  For years, I remembered his wise analogy, whenever I was learning […]

How Grit Inspired The Wonder Crate Mission

We are big fans of Angela Duckworth’s book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  If you haven’t read it yet, we encourage you to.  We were so inspired by her work that we KNEW her findings were critical to the next generation of children.  We felt compelled (and obligated) to teach the skills and […]

Wonder Crate Q&A With Best Selling Author Bob Sornson

Why is it so important for young children to develop empathy? Empathy is the foundation for all social-emotional intelligence.  It is the foundation upon which all social skills are developed. If you are unable to notice the feelings, behaviors, and situational responses of others, you have no way to “read” people, and determine what might […]

Wonder Crate Q & A With Mindfulness Expert Laurie Grossman

1. Why is it important for kids to practice mindfulness at a young age? Young children are exposed to difficult things these days. They hear about polar bears dying because of climate change, witness shootings, hurricanes and wildfires on tv, and watch their families in distress over the political climate of our country, regardless of […]

Mindfulness Meditation: A Simple Secret To Promote Confidence In Kids

When I reminisce on my childhood – I think: simple, fun, and carefree. Kids today have it more difficult.  I feel they are more stressed in daily life and school.  They try to find balance between juggling homework, after-school programs, friends, tablets, and watching TV.  What happens when kids don’t have tools to help them […]