How It Works - Single Skill Box

1. Select a box based on the specific needs of your children.

2. A toolkit will arrive at your door that contains a book for learning, a fun craft and everyday activities for practice.

3. Spend quality time with your children teaching them skills to thrive today and throughout their lives.  

I Can Have Strong Feelings: An Emotions Box 



All emotions are helpful, even the big and overwhelming ones. Our emotions box is full of fun activities to help children identify, express and regulate emotions. 

The box includes: Even Superheroes Have Bad Days book, emotional bingo, emoji dice game, a feelings spinner, an emoji beach ball, and a booklet full of activities and tips for parents. 


I Can Thrive: A Resilience Box


Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties or set backs. Help your child learn to BOUNCE BACK instead of giving up with this box full of activities for building this important skill.

The box includes: The Hugging Tree book, make your own resilience bouncy ball, "Bee The Change" wildflower seeds, watering can, pinwheel seed stake, and a booklet full of activities and tips for parents.


I Can Stand Up For Myself And Others: A Confidence Box


Confidence is believing in YOURSELF, thinking POSITIVELY and knowing you CAN achieve your goals. Our confidence box is full of activities for building these important skills. 

The box includes: Super Manny Stands Up book, create your own comic book with superhero pencil, design your own daily affirmations mirror, an empowerment bookmark, a superhero cape, and a booklet for parents full of tips, resources and additional activities. 


I Can Quiet My Mind: A Mindfulness Box


Help your child quiet his/her mind, increase focus and decrease anxiety with this box full of activities for practicing mindfulness.  

The box includes: Peaceful Piggy Meditation book, create your own calming snow globe activity, bubbles, pinwheel, sample activity cards, slow rising stress release toy, and a booklet full of activities and tips for parents. 


I Can Understand How Other People Feel: An Empathy Box



Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. The more you practice it, the stronger it gets. Help your child strengthen this important social and emotional skill. 

The box includes: Stand In My Shoes book, empathy puzzle, empathy conversation cards with whiteboard, design-your-own empathy pin, sneaker key chain, and a booklet full of activities and tips for parents. 


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